all you need to know about the real estate market

(November 04, 2013, posted in Market Updates)

"Real estate cannot be lost or stolen, nor can it be carried away. Purchased with common sense, paid for in full, and managed with reasonable care, it is about the safest investment in the world.” ~Franklin D. Roosevelt

Paid in full? Not for many of us (yet), but the President does have a point. When you take care of your home, buy for the long haul, and work at paying off your mortgage, real estat... read more.

so much for the summer lull & my deal pick

(August 06, 2013, posted in Market Updates)

So Much for the Summer Lull!

Real Estate sales in July were the busiest they have been for the same month since 2009, as well as having the most sales of any month this year.


A few reasons:

* Buyers with pre-approved mortgage rates are expiring and interest rates have increased. This spurs on sales as a higher interest rate could change what a buyer can afford (this is especially true of first-ti... read more.

Seller's market is back!

(March 06, 2013, posted in Market Updates)

Seller’s Market is back!

Well, in North Vancouver anyway. If you are selling your home, you are in a good position, especially Calverhall, Lynn Valley and Central and Upper Lonsdale neighbourhoods.

Buyer’s will have an easier time buying a house in the west side of Vancouver, West Vancouver, and Richmond where the market has slowed to favour buyers. These markets have had the biggest run up in sale... read more.

December Sales & My Predictions

(January 14, 2013, posted in Market Updates)

Happy 2013!

As I expected, sales in December continued to slow as did the number of homes for sale. Being it a “holiday” month this is not unusual at all, as we all get even busier with shopping, parties and travel. It was more noticeable this past year as the months leading up to December were slower than the 10 year norm and the media (whose job it is to sell papers and make headlines) was more... read more.

no surprise here - november sales down

(December 05, 2012, posted in Market Updates)

Well, November sales numbers are in!  To no surprise, sales are down as are prices with the number of sales down on an average of 30% and prices down 3-7% depending on where you live.

East Vancouver houses are selling 2% below the list price in what is a balanced market (even number of buyers and sellers). Condos and townhouses on the east side are also enjoying a balanced market with homes selling... read more.